finding the right match for all participants in the cosmetic industry.

How it works

The database

As the platform grows, its value will increase. With a network of hundreds of cosmetic- and personal care brands and a network of more than 1.500 distributors worldwide, there are unique opportunities. Why spend fortunes for attending trade shows while Cosmatch has the entire network already available for you? The sourcing has been done and our portfolio of high-potential brands is growing on a monthly basis. Moreover, we know hundreds of valuable distributors all over the world, to whom we may connect you right away!

Your decision to participate will enable us to build an ever growing platform of unmatched size with unparalleled opportunities!

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To Subscribe

We are happy and proud that our partners have shown great belief in our concept and we are thankful that so many participants have subscribed already! Join our matchmaking platform today and benefit from our global network of suppliers and distributors in the cosmetic industry! Scroll down and fill in the below fields. After subscription our team will contact you immediately and we will provide further instructions. will officially be launched on January 9th 2017, so stay tuned!!!

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The business model of Cosmatch

The platform is our tool, expanded business opportunities is our goal. The subscription fee keeps the network up and running. The business coming from our matchmaking is subject to a 4% commission for a period of 5 years (subscribers agree and co-operate in materializing this business goal).